Why start a partnership?

Because in our DNA. Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people but we recognize that new scientific discovery happens every day and excellent ideas can come from scientists outside of our Company too. That’s why collaboration with other entities is one of the most important part of our business strategy. Collaboration, to us, has the same importance of  innovation.


How we collaborate

For you: working with us you will accelerate the development of your ideas because our collaborations are structured to make sense for both parties
For us: Working with external partners helps us advance our research and develop products that can improve the health needs of people all over the world.
BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP – to collaborate on the development of new tools, products & applications
ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIP – to develop and better exploit the versatility of our technology
We have a core list of interests but if you are not working in a sector in which we, at the moment, have been involved, it may still be worth contacting us as we are always glad to enlarge our know how.


AcZon  priorities:

- Pharmaceutical science alliances
- Development collaborations for preclinical products
- Improved in vitro diagnostics tools (both cellular and molecular)
- Novel technologies for antibodies
- New applications of our technology
- Licensing opportunities
- Business opportunities

Submit your ideas

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